10 Tips On How To Create A Great Office Environment

happiness is an inside job

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in your job?  Messy office, difficult work colleagues and a feeling you are getting nowhere fast.

You spend an average of 1,800 hours a year at work and for some people it is more than that.  One of the great lessons I have learned over the years is to clear out the clutter and break things down into manageable chunks.  Simplify things and processes and you will free your energy and environment up to attract a lot more creativity and success.

Ten simple things to create a more creative environment today:

  1. Clear your desk (remove anything you are currently not working on).
  2. Clear out corners, behind doors and move all computer wires out of sight.
  3. If you have bookshelves in the office, declutter half the books.
  4. Clear your backlog of work.  Delegate, re-arrange, delete.
  5. Email Detox.  Create new folders, press the delete button, unsubscribe, from now only essential emails.
  6. Add fresh flowers or a plant.
  7. Put bins out of sight.
  8. Add a nice picture, story board, small fountain.
  9. If addicted to emails, move your computer to another desk so as you can free up your space.

Simplify systems.

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