12 Critical Strategy Questions


Strategy is all about shaping the future and how it can bring value to the organisation and the real world.

  1. Less is more  –  In less than thirty words, describe what your organisation strategy is?
  2. What sort of company do you want to be?
  3. What sort of leadership style do you want to adopt?
  4. What are the most important objectives to the organisation?
  5. How will you explain to all your people how each of them can contribute to achieve these objectives?
  6. What do you think is possible?
  7. What do you need to do to achieve your goals?
  8. Is your existing market growing, stagnating or shrinking?
  9. Where are the markets that are growing faster than yours?
  10. What changes have to be made?
  11. How should the changes be made?

How shall we measure progress?

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