20 Great Questions for Leaders

life is short

Questions help us stretch and grow to a whole new level of possibility. What questions do you ask yourself every day as a Leader?  What questions do you ask your staff and work colleagues to encourage them to be the CEO’s and their own position.  When we pause each day and ask ourselves and everyone around us the right questions, we live life at a whole new level of awareness.

  1. How do I want to be perceived as a Leader?
  2. What is it I really want as a Leader?
  3. If I had 48 hours left in my current organisation as a Leader, what would I do differently, and why?
  4. What two things could I do today that would take my leadership skills to a whole new level?
  5. How do I know I am an effective leader?
  6. What excuses have I let get in the way recently?
  7. What do I need to stop doing as a leader?
  8. What if as a leader I had unlimited resources, what would I do differently, and why?
  9. What one thing could you do today as a leader that would take you closer to your vision?
  10. What are your core values as a leader?
  11. What is really important to you as a leader?
  12. How effective currently is your leadership message?
  13. Can you describe in one sentence your one, three, and five year vision as a leader?
  14. How do I turn the vision into reality?
  15. What are you currently focusing on as a leader, that is creating the most impact?
  16. What will the company look like 24 months from now?
  17. How can you offer more value as a leader?
  18. What can you do to make someone else’s life better today?
  19. What have I been dismissing recently as a Leader?

What will my legacy be?

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