20 Tips that will improve your Leadership in Seconds

sun on a winters day

Leadership to me is all about the ability to show up and allow everyone around you to step forth.  I have come up with tips that I invite you to concentrate on and then take the necessary action.

  1. Be aware of your presence and how you show up in the moment.
  2. Always keep the promises you make to others and to yourself.
  3. Small steps daily are the key to staggering lifelong success.
  4. Read ‘Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership’
  5. Every day develop your inner as well as your outer capacity to deal with these complex times.
  6. Set the clock, get up early and enjoy the silence of the early morning.
  7. Be ‘apple like’ in your obsession with getting the details right.
  8. Look after your health and energy; hire a personal trainer.
  9. Every morning ask yourself, ‘what three things will I do today to bring me closer to my vision?’
  10. Say no to distractions and chunk your day down to 90 minute chunks.
  11. Your job as a leader is not to create more followers; it is to create more leaders.
  12. Keep a thinking journal, carry it everywhere with you.
  13. At the beginning of each new day and last thing at night, look at your long term vision.
  14. On Sunday evening plan out the next week in advance.
  15. Every morning do the difficult tasks first.
  16. Have a large jug of water on your desk, stay hydrated.
  17. Be there for people, speak less, listen more.
  18. Cut out the bickering within an organisation.
  19. Remember you become who you have coffee with.

De-clutter your office space.

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