20 Wisdom Tips on Leadership

  1. Address what is not working and the distraction will dissipate.
  2. Change means movement, movement sometimes means friction.
  3. Resources are never the real problem the real challenge is lack of resourcefulness.
  4. Everyday, work at being emotionally fit.
  5. Blame gives you no power, start to master your inner power today.
  6. If you truly want to lead in life, start by leading yourself.
  7. Always keep your sense of wonder and dream, dream, dream.
  8. Stop chasing life, just be it and live it today.
  9. You have to be satisfied with nothing to have everything.
  10. Before you change the world you have to first change your own world.
  11. Vague plans lead to vague results.
  12. Always hire people that are smarter than you, more experienced than you and have lots of passion bubbling over.
  13. Take time to hire the best people.
  14. Victims are afraid of change; Leaders are inspired by change.
  15. Have a mind that is open to everything and is attached to nothing.
  16. Your days on this planet are numbered. This moment and today are gifts.
  17. Make a commitment to take that step you don’t think you can take today.
  18. Most people spend their life looking back instead of looking forward; and they wonder and moan about life staying the same.
  19. Simplicity is the trademark of Outstanding Leadership.

Never run someone else’s race in life… make sure you run your own race.

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