21 Wisdom Tips On Mindfulness In Business & Life

sun on a winters day

We live in an age of time scarcity where no one seems to have enough time any more…

Everyone is busy being busy and the new buzz word in business is mindfulness, so I thought I would take time out and write this mindfulness blog and share my inner wisdom.

  1. Everything you need is here now.
  2. Let go of the expectations of expectation, of yourself, others, the world.
  3. Take time out every day to pause, be mindful and be in the moment.
  4. Add mindfulness moments into your diary.
  5. Stop now and again and go slowly. Everything works out better when you go slowly.
  6. When you feel like quitting, don’t pay attention – just put one foot in front of the other and keep on walking.
  7. In life we cannot hold on to anything except fear and love. Everything is passing; everything is always changing around us.
  8. What if you let go of the hurry sickness within you and moved through your day at a more natural pace.
  9. Stop and be mindful of the impact your presence has on everyone around you.
  10. By being more mindful, we learn to be kinder to ourselves and everyone around us.
  11. When we rush through life, we sometimes miss the best bits and never get to acknowledge our feelings.
  12. Practise stopping, relaxing and day dreaming, just as you did as a child.
  13. Make time every day for silence.
  14. Know when to stop and let go. Shift your mind set from striving to arriving.
  15. Before you have a great relationship with anyone else, you have to first know and love yourself for who you are.
  16. Remember you came into the world with nothing and you will leave with nothing.
  17. Be conscious of the present moment, it’s the only moment you have.
  18. Live each moment of each day from the inside out.
  19. Learn to speak less and listen more. Very often those who talk do not know.
  20. Peace of mind is your true treasure in life.
  21. Be grateful for everything in your life, the good and the bad.

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