Action is the Key


You can have the best, most creative intentions in the world, so what if you don’t take action.

I realised many years ago that it was useless setting goals in my goals book every New Year and then never looking at them again until the following year. When you set goals you must add a deadline too; when you hope to achieve it by. Then every day get your goals book out and look at your intentions. As you look over the goal, feel what it will be like when you achieve it. Then feel as if you have already achieved what it is you want. It will take discipline to look at your goals every day.

Why not make a decision to look at your goals once a day over the next 90 days and if within the 90 days you forget to look at your goals book, go back and start at day one again.

What you will find after about 30 days, is your sub conscious mind will come up with actions on how you can achieve what you have set out to do. Once your ideas come… act fast. Don’t ponder, don’t think about it, do it.

The only difference between you and someone else is the amount of action you take.

Where can you take action today in your life?

Four Lessons on Action:

    • Every morning and last thing at night, look at your goals.
    • Feel whatever it is you want to achieve.
    • See and hear yourself as having already achieved it.

Don’t ponder, take action fast.

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