Allowing Is The Key To New Leadership Emerging

life moves pretty fast if you dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it

Playing it safe is no longer the way to build business. Marketing, technology, customers, the way we spend our day, is all changing. The old ways of push, push, push are well and truly over as technology is now playing a big part in all our lives.

As Randy Gage said ‘when everyone is zigging, you want to be zagging….’ and to zagg, you have to think outside the crowd.

Where will you and your business be in 2025?

What will your life look and feel like?

To answer both those questions, you have to pause from your busyness and step back and allow. The days of ‘to do’ lists are gone, it’s time to have an outcome list or even a ‘to be’ list.

I learned a valuable lesson recently when I was working with a new partner with whom we are developing a joint venture together. She was travelling all the way from Bavaria to do three days of filming, so I was meant to have written all the scripts and my PA Sylvia would type them all. No matter how hard I seemed to push, the words or ideas just didn’t seem to flow. So in frustration I gave up and decided to allow.

When Christiane arrived for the shooting and I said I had no scripts prepared yet, I somehow knew everything would be okay. What unfolded over the next three days in the state of allowing was extraordinary. We got 11 videos shot and worked on unveiling a whole new leadership model. In fact we achieved far more than what either of us had initially hoped would happen.

What if you started to build into your organisation the culture of allowing today? I wonder just how much more successful would your people, organisation and most of all yourself be.

Sometimes we have to get out of our own way in life for the next step to present itself.

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