Are You Engaged or Exhausted?

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Right now in the workplace, are you engaged or exhausted?

Too often today when I work within organisations their staff are exhausted and morale is low.

It’s as if a sense of fear has crept into the work place; very often because of the changes that are currently happening all around the world; stock markets crashing, the recent volcanoes erupting in parts of the world and many large organisations crumbling.

I was recently working with a group of CEO’s and one gentleman replied to my question by saying he was engaged and exhausted all in one.  My reply was ‘Do you think that people around you don’t know you’re exhausted?  Do you think you can hide it?’  In that moment the gentleman paused and said ‘it’s time to stop pretending, I need to take a long overdue holiday and relook at my values and the current values of the company’.

For a moment there was a silence in the board room, then a huge round of applause for the gentleman who had the courage to be vulnerable and through his vulnerability he allowed everyone around him to stop pretending and have an honest conversation.

Where right now in your life do you need to stop pretending and have an honest conversation?

Three Questions:

• Ask yourself the hard question, are you engaged or exhausted in work and life?
• Are you clear on who you are and what’s important to you?
• Have you enough down time built into your day?

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