Be It Now

there is always the garden

What are you really here on the planet to do?
How do you really want to live?
What if you lived every day as if you were what you are called to be now.

I learned that lesson very early in life. My mother has been one of my greatest teachers. At 36 years of age she had to have all her teeth removed due to a gum disease. Soon afterwards the dentist called her back to collect her new set of teeth. As the months passed by I noticed she only put her teeth in for weddings, christenings and funerals. At first, I was embarrassed and often said “Mammy will you put your teeth in”. I remember her laughing and her reply was “I don’t need my teeth to be who I am”. Many years later I often ponder on that profound statement.

I encourage you to be what you want to grow into today. You are the main star in your own movie. Act as if you are there right now. Every day when you get up see yourself where you want to be now and one day you will be in total alignment with the resonance of your presence.

Four Lessons on Thinking:

  • Why be normal when you can be yourself.
  • Be the best you that you can be now.
  • Become a star in your own movie.

Stop putting off your true calling and do it and be it today.

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