Be Responsible

there is always the garden

What are you doing every day to help build this new and better world that is emerging?  Are you stuck in the victim paradigm or feeling your way into the possibility paradigm. The times are changing quickly and somehow right now it’s as if we are in between worlds.  Some leaders are still blaming the Politicians, the Banks, each other and on and on…The front covers of most newspapers have become so negative that the vibration of negativity just hits you like an arrow as you pass any news stand.  What will it take to stop playing victim and take responsibility.

When we as humans take responsibility our inner and outer world changes.  We find the courage from the inside to give up our excuses.  We build bridges instead of barriers.

How do you stop playing victim?
One way is to get a large sheet of paper and on the left hand side write down all the reasons why you feel dissatisfied with the world and yourself right now.  Then on the right hand side, write what do you want and then do something to improve yourself, your family, maybe even your country.  I passionately believe that sometimes in life we need to get over ourselves and wake up to the fact that life is short.  Just one long moment, made up of many small moments.  Why not use every moment to make a difference.

You, your family, work colleagues and even the world will be better for it.

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