Breaking The Rules & Moving With The Speed Of Change

life is short

Have you noticed lately how today’s fastest growing companies are using a completely different approach to leadership?

The age of the big companies is finally over, it’s not unknown today to hear of a new company CEO travelling and working from his mobile office wherever he or she is in the world.  The new rule is be where you are, be present, be real and move with the tide of change…

Are we at last finally beginning to bring balance between work and life into all our busyness?

Has the time finally come where we get the balance between doingness and beingness and we take more inspired action not just action for the sake of it?

Has the time finally come where Lean versus Large means something?

No more game playing and empty facades…

Big isn’t always better.  Flashy is not always real.

I say let’s break all the rules and work with new models and paradigms where we restore an economy and world of reciprocity inspired by our true human nature and the sacred.

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