Do the Difficult Things First

life moves pretty fast if you dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘do the difficult things first’?

What if for the next thirty days you started the day with what you found difficult in life.  I tried the experiment in September.  I got up every morning and started with what I had most resisted in my life… EXERCISE!

I had resisted exercise so much so that at first I felt allergic to it.
The excuses I used were:

  • I hate gyms.
    • I am far too busy.
    • I don’t want to have a bad hair day.
    • I will start tomorrow.

Well tomorrow never came until the 1st September, 2010, when I got out of bed at my usual 5:05am, took the jogging pants out of the wardrobe and met my new personal trainer.

Looking back I could barely walk after the first few sessions. However after about four weeks something began to shift in me. All my excuses began to fall away and I didn’t see exercise as difficult any more.

What’s difficult right now in your life?

Tips on How to Overcome It

  • Make a decision to do the things you have been most resisting.
    • Run towards the fear of what has been stopping you and leave your comfort zone.
    • Every morning that you awake, start with what’s most challenging.

It is now nine weeks since I started exercising and here are the results:

  • My BMI has dropped 9 points.
    • I have now to date lost 21lbs in weight.
    • As for feeling good, I have much more energy and clarity in my thinking.

I encourage you today to start doing the difficult things first in your life.

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