Enemy of Greatness is Security

sun on a winters day

Without realising it, very often our businesses are most vulnerable when things are going really well.  You could be thinking what a mad statement to make but in business we sometimes take it easy when targets are being reached and profits achieved. A sense of complacency can creep in.

I was recently speaking at a conference in Ireland; my opening line was ‘nothing fails like success’. At first I could see the shocked faces in the audience and then I went on to speak about the Celtic Tyre years where business boomed. Recently Ireland has and currently is experiencing some lean times, yet very often the lean times can be the best of times because it makes each of us stop, step back and re-look at everything we currently do.

When leaders step back and simplify, very often the hunger in the belly relights again and it fires up our enthusiasm to move forward and take a risk.

Four Lessons on Why the Enemy of Greatness is Security:

  • In 2011 there is no security except the security of knowing that when you fail, learn the lesson and get up again.
  • Complacency stunts business and personal growth.
  • The hunger in the belly is the key to enthusiasm.

Step back and take a fresh look at everything you do.

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