Five Great Questions To Live By During Culture Transformation

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  1. How to deliver successful Culture Change when a long established culture is entrenched.
  • Know and fully understand where the current culture is and why.
  • Decide where the organisation is going and re-define the strategic direction.
  • Ask what are the 3-5 most important values you would like to see represented in the new culture?
  • Are these values compatible with your current organisational culture?  Do they exist now? If not why not?


  1. Do you really want everybody to be leaders, should some just be managers?
  • Leadership is one characteristic of an effective manager.
  • Managers often think in terms of production and leaders think in terms of future.
  • I passionately feel as we proceed into the future, all managers will need effective leadership skills also.


  1. How do you judge when to step in and when not to step in as a leader?
  • Develop a great degree of self-awareness as a leader.
  • Let people know you trust them (work together to find common ground).
  • Encourage people to think for themselves.
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Know when to let go, sometimes leaders can be control freaks.


  1. How to delegate, not dump on people during change.
  • When you delegate, as opposed to dumping, you give the other person the same authority to complete the task as if you had done it yourself.
  • You can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility, it is up to you to see the person is adequately trained before you delegate to them.
  • Set your ego aside.
  • Delegate the objective not the procedure (clear standards as to what exactly you are looking for).
  • Be patient – at first it will slow you down to stop and train, however in the long run it will increase your productivity in leaps and bounds.


  1. How do you know what people think of you as a leader?
  • Ask them.
  • Create a culture of honesty and openness.
  • Be engaged as a leader and use the rewarding relationship questions.

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