Five Reasons Why Goal Settings Fail

life is short
  1. Only a Wish List
    Many people don’t give enough thought to their goals and very often copy other’s goals because they look better.
  2. No Clarity
    It is no use setting goals if you don’t add a realistic date by when you want to achieve them.
  3. All Talk, No Action
    Have you ever met someone who is still talking of achieving the same goal ten years later?  They talk a great talk; however they don’t want to do the hard work that is needed to get there.
  4. Not Taking Responsibility
    Many people don’t take responsibility for the intentions they have set and when their goals don’t happen as quick as they want to, they blame everything from the weather to the economy.

Take Advice from the Wrong People
If you want to be successful in any main area of your life, go out and find or attract someone into your life who is already achieving what you want.  Don’t take advice from people who are not there yet.

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