Ghosts of Leaders Past

sailing on a lake

Have you ever stopped and pondered on what resonance you will leave behind when your work is done?

I was recently completing a Leadership Programme within a large corporate and as the organisation was closing one building down, we were asked to complete the programme within another of its buildings on site.

As we walked to the conference room, we passed room after room of empty furniture, chairs and tables, stacked on top of each other… the ghosts of days gone by.  Some of the desks were very beautiful and expensive and I could not help but wonder what kind of leader used to use each desk.

  • I wondered how did they manage their people?
  • Did they lead with integrity?
  • Did they foresee the changes that were coming?

The Lessons I Learned from the Ghosts of Leaders Past Experience:

  • If you had six months to live, would you still do what you are currently doing?
  • Make a difference today, don’t wait until tomorrow.
  • The price of discipline is much less than the pain of regret.
  • Go deep in tough times and evaluate everything you do.
  • Look ahead and ask yourself as a leader, how would you perform if everything fell apart and you were told to clear your desk?

Life is too short for long pity parties, learn to embrace, change, get rid of the crap and focus on what is great in your life now.

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