Going First Class, Travelling in the Wrong Direction

this snow bought focus

Have you ever been on such a high that you missed the detail?

Recently, I was the Conference Speaker at a large Symposium in London. After I walked off that stage I was buzzing and the feel good factor just continued.  I was in the zone; living my dream and being of service to the corporate clients all around me.

I got into a taxi and headed to Euston Station, my return ticket was off peak so I decided to upgrade to a peak time ticket. I paid an extra £130 and the guy who sold me the ticket began to glow as well, so much so that he told me to go and sit in the First Class coach G.  I followed some other people and found coach G.  I was relaxed and made a phone call, ten minutes later I looked at my watch and it was 5:21pm, Virgin Trains must be running late I thought as we were due to leave at 5:07pm.  Then I looked out the window and saw platform 5 was on the other side, which was the platform I was supposed to be on!

I turned to the gentleman in the seat behind me and asked him if this train was for Liverpool. No was his reply as the train was pulling out of the station, this train was heading for Manchester. How could I have missed the detail when I was in the zone?

What to do when in the zone          

  1. Stay grounded
  2. Pay attention
  3. Remember to sweat the detail
  4. Be aware of your surroundings

Be First Class – Travel First Class

I live by a simple motto saying ‘Don’t talk about it, be it…’

To be it means we have to be first class, no excuses, no poor me. It takes discipline and courage to be what you came here to be. When you are first class, no one questions you, they just know it.

By the essence and the presence of who you are and everyone who works for you, it’s not about walk the talk; it’s about be the talk… be the brand. Be the product or service that you are. Ooze it, radiate it, respect it… the world right now needs presence, energy and positivity.

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