How to Create Enchanting Company Cultures

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Over the past year, I have researched and been fascinated by the growth of companies like Google and Apple, and how they are leading the way in the age of disruption. They have become so good at what they do that people cannot ignore them anymore. They are merchants of how as they trail-blaze their way to new frontiers not affected in any way by the current recession across the world.
Tips on How to Create an Enchanting Culture:

  • Have a no excuses policy.
  • Get the company mindset right.
  • Create a possibilities culture where every challenge is turned into a possibility.
  • Get out of the habit of improving things by 1%.  It’s better to do things ten times better!
  • Encourage creativity by making the environment more creative.
  • Remember Google breeds genius by encouraging their people to develop and use their creative skills in the work place.
  • Create a culture where people really feel they can succeed and when people are succeeding they stay in companies longer.
  • Make the work environment irresistible, fun, and creative.
  • Every day encourage your team to do things they don’t think they can do.

Right now the more your company disrupts the more it will lead to a breakthrough in the market place.  Make your company culture a sense of community where everyone feels part of one big team, leading the way and finding new innovative ways each day to make the impossible, possible.

The time is now, just do it and be it!

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