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The Benefits from using Molly’s Harvey Global In-House Team

Working with you to improve your Company culture and increasing employee engagement, will allow you to become a higher performing Company with resulting positive shifts in growth and profits.  Helping you to clarify and simplify your organisation’s vision and strategy gives you the means to drive your company forward with clear purpose and objectives saving you time and cost.

Guiding your Leadership Team on taking personal responsibility and negating any blame culture will create a performance focussed culture of engagement.  Providing you with a means of demonstrating a ‘leading by doing’ approach breaks down barriers, effectively increasing levels of engagement.

Practical, proven, no-nonsense systems and strategies that can be implemented quickly, provide you with the means to efficiently create a performance focussed culture for your organisation, taking it to the next level of obtaining positive results.

Leadership / Culture Change Programmes

Northwest Housing Association about Molly HarveyEach programme is designed to suit the culture of the organisation, No Leadership / Culture Change Programme is picked ‘off the shelf’.
12 Month Programme        
•    Leadership Audit
•    22 Master Class Modules
•    6-12 Month Review Sessions
•    Executive Coaching & Mentoring
•    Interactive / Learn / Do Approach / Results Driven

6 Month Programme          
•    Behaviour Audit
•    12 Master Class Modules
•    Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Wockhardt about Molly Harvey•    6 Month Review Session & Presentation
•    Interactive / Learn / Do / Benchmark Approach

3 Month Programme        
•    6 Master Class Modules
•    Executive Coaching & Mentoring
•    Interactive / Learn / Do / Benchmark Approach

Chief Executive & Board Level

The Road Ahead  –  A proven system for achieving big goals

Goal setting is the most important aspect of all personal and business improvement plans and yet setting goals for a lot of people doesn’t work because they never follow the right system.

In this one-day programme, we will show you how to achieve in months what it takes others years to achieve.  Molly has found two common traits in super achievers over the years.

•   Sir Eric Peacock about Molly Harvey A commitment to constant learning.
•    Clearly written goals and specific step-by-step plans on how to achieve them.  The system is key.

Delegates will leave with…

•    A step-by-step system for the next 12 months in their personal and business life.
•    The approach, which is Plan  –  Do  –  Review  –  Improve and make adjustments along the way.
•    A weekly rhythm register which helps them keep on track.
•    Small steps every day over time creates massive results.

Understanding Employee Engagement & Raising Performance


What planet are you from?    (Part I)
In this interactive master class you will learn how you behave when things are going well and how you behave when faced with conflict.

What planet are you from?    (Part II)
The difference between people is not minor, it’s dramatic.
86% of people leave jobs today due to relationship issues.  Part II of this 2-day programme shows you how to engage employees at a whole new level.

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