Inch by Inch

life is short

Small steps over time lead to outstanding success.  Small steps are those tiny inches you take each day when no one is watching.  Over the past twenty years of being in business, I’ve worked with thousands of people and success means different things to each person.  Is success a matter of luck, no success is all about making conscious choices each day and taking action.  I believe we make our own luck by staying awake and saying yes to opportunity when it comes along.  All the successful people I have met along the way have been willing to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

  1. Plan your small steps the night before.
  2. Remember everything that is easy to do is just as easy not to do and that’s why most people won’t do what it takes.
  3. Small actions every day over time lead to outstanding success.
  4. Explore and get clear, what does success mean to you?
  5. Outstanding success is all about taking small steps on days you don’t even feel like it.
  6. The right steps today will lead you to the future you are dreaming about.

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