Know When to Move On

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Recently while on a holiday break to North Devon, my husband and I decided to walk parts of the North Devon Coast each day.On the third day of walking the rugged woodland path to Clovelly, we stopped to take in the magnificent views of the Bristol Channel when we were joined by a fellow walker. After a few minutes of talking, the gentleman began to tell us about his vision.For over 20 years he had developed a very profitable printing business which had created a lot of jobs for the local people of Cornwall. At 57 years of age one of his good friends offered to buy the thriving business. He then took some time out to decide what his next vision would be if he said yes to selling his business. He knew it was important for him to have a vision to keep his mojo and drive in life. In his spare time away from the business he loved to walk so he decided to turn his hobby into a future vision and made a decision to sell the business and walk all of the Cornwall and Devon coast line, photographing it along the way. On the morning that we met him, he was two years into that vision and loving it.

Lesson learned from fellow walker:

  • Have a vision so big it feeds your mojo.
  • As a leader know when to move on.
  • Vision is also being aware of future trends and the fellow walker could see a lot of changes ahead in his business. For example, one reliable major client was the local council and that business was beginning to dwindle.

Have a vision so big it excites you every day.

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