Leaders are Born to Climb

trees in autumn

One of my favourite authors is Krishnamurti and in one of his books he talks about mountain people and valley people. He explains that we are all born into the valley of life. We grow up in the valley and very often as we grow and develop, we feel that silent voice say ‘climb you were born to climb’ yet we meet many people who tell us to not climb, sit still and play small.

Every now and then as we grow older, we often see people leave the valley and head for the mountains. They have followed their call and when you ask people where they are going, often the response will be ‘forget the mountains, you might never come back’ and yet deep inside the silent voice says climb.

As I write this blog, you might be a leader who left the valley and is now living on the mountain of life.  You listened to the inner voice and took action, went for the mountain and half way up built the lonely house with the picket fence and the chickens pecking in the garden. If you are that person, Krishnamurti’s advice is knock down the house, kill the chickens, listen to the silent voice, it’s calling you to climb again.

You are a leader born to climb.

Four Lessons about the Climb:

  • If you are currently in the valley of your life, stop, turn inwards and listen to your inner voice. It is telling you to leave the valley and climb.
  • Turn off the outside noise of other’s opinions and trust your own voice.
  • If you are half way up the mountain and life has become stagnant, listen to the inner voice and know you were born to climb.

Do something different and start the climb again.

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