Leaders As Fire-Starters And Fire-Tenders

seize the day

I found out that there weren’t too many limitations if I did it my way.
–      Johnny Cash

Are you someone who loves to start projects and gets fired up by the vision of what has yet to be made real in the world?  Or are you someone who has vision, yet you love to tender and nurture it each step of the way?

That’s the difference between fire-starters and fire-tenders and today both are needed to lead so as everyone around you can walk by your side.

Fire-starters are people who live for the rush and have coffee at the edge. They are very often obsessed with possibility and thrive on their creative spirit.

Fire-tenders are also strong leaders, maybe not always needing to be in the limelight, they are nurturing, practical, love to get things done and it’s all about the people.

Their motto is very often; ‘Be you, be true, be strong.’

I want to encourage you to let out the fire-starter and fire-tender inside of you today.


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