Leaders Take Thinking Time

this snow bought focus

How much thinking time do you build into your diary each day?

When we allow thinking time in our day we step back and re-focus on what is most important.

Many people spend their lives being busy, yet achieving very little. Being busy impresses no one except yourself. I passionately believe life is not about working hard or even working smart; life and time are about working right. Just imagine all the extra time you would create in your life by adding thinking time into your diary each day. I encourage you to set your clock thirty minutes early; get up and use the time to think, focus and plan your day ahead.

Imagine just how much more productive and creative you will be.

Lessons on Thinking:

  • Get out of bed thirty minutes early, make that time your thinking time.
  • Being busy impresses no one except you.
  • Step back and re-evaluate everything you spend your time on each day.

Thinking time will enhance your creativity and innovation.

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