Life Is Not About Where You Are Now

sun on a winters day

Recently I spent the weekend listening to Wayne Dwyer’s CD called ‘The Shift’.  As I listened to the whole programme, the quote that most stood out for me was “life is not about where you are now, it’s where you are going that counts.”

A calling is that which you feel deep inside of you and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. I encourage you to do what you do in life because it’s your calling.  Don’t let your doing-ness get in the way of your being.

Every day that you awake to a new day, you can choose to live in higher awareness and be steadfast in your thoughts and actions. Explore your patterns of behaviour and as you walk into the future, leave behind those patterns that no longer serve you.

As you change direction, be mindful of how things will unfold, as Wayne said, “very often the truths that you adopted and made your own in the morning of your life won’t matter in the afternoon”.

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