Live from the End of your Vision

there is always the garden

Every great vision begins with a thought that first comes alone within our imagination.

Outstanding Leaders know that to accomplish anything in life they must first expect it of themselves.

Over the last four years I have been studying the work of Neville Goddard, and he passionately believes that to make your future vision a present fact, you have to assure the feeling that the vision fulfils.  Living from the end means you call the things that don’t exist yet and know that they are on their way.  That sometimes calls us to live fearlessly and trust that all things are possible.

I have written down nine ideas; you can live from the end of your vision every day.

  • Infinite patience produces results
  • Never allow the outside noise of people around you into your imagination
  • Make time every day to see and feel the vision completed
  • Communicate that vision to everyone in the company every day
  • Ignore anything that is not in alignment with the vision
  • Every night in the last 5 minutes before you sleep, fill your subconscious with thoughts of the vision completed
  • Know that the right people, the right help and whatever else is required to complete the vision is on its way
  • Being positive about your vision is not enough. Be yourself, be real and know that your vision is part of your bigger purpose
  • Every day ask yourself what does it feel like to have completed the vision?

·         By practising some of the above ideas you will retrain your subconscious mind and leave a lasting legacy in the world.

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