Make Changes Not Excuses

this snow bought focus

Has anyone else out there carried around a little too much weight for most of their lives?

Well that was me until recently.  I decided to give up the excuses and make changes.  I had many times over the years dabbled with making changes, yet the same old habits came creeping back… and isn’t it amazing the lies we tell ourselves like ‘I am big boned’ or ‘It’s just my metabolism’ and on and on…

The funny thing is for many years I used the excuse that I was big boned, then one day as I was speaking on stage, I had my hand held high and I looked at my wrist and realised I had a tiny sparrow’s wrist.  Time to let go of that excuse….

What will it take for you to make changes and let go of the excuses.  Far too often we spend our lives living with the brakes on and yet our past need never be our future.

Why not start carving out a new future for yourself today and let your unique light shine…

Imagine all the extra energy you will have for starters!

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