Outstanding Leaders Build Real Trust


I have been working with Senior Teams in Organisations for over 24 years.  The first question I ask the new team of any organisation I work with is…

On a scale of 1 – 10, what is the current level of trust in the team?  8 – 9 – 10 being really high.

The room usually goes silent as individuals ponder on the question and are possibly thinking, how much will I tell the truth here.  That’s when my years of experience and skill as a facilitator really kick in.

Trust is not a checklist.  Real trust is a feeling and an inner knowing, not a rational experience.  I learned long ago that in life, I can trust someone and yet not like them, just as I can like someone and not trust them.  Trust truly begins to emerge when we have an inner sense that the other person or company is driven by things other than their own self gain.  With trust comes a sense of value and when employees feel valued, they will be more creative and perform better in the workplace.

When you as a leader can create an environment where employees feel cared for, watch your people excel and make a real difference in the organisation.  If trust is high inside the organisation, it will trickle out to the customers.

I passionately believe that leadership of the present and future is all about building ‘High Trust Networks’ from the inside out.

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