Outstanding Leaders get over Terror Barriers

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I got a phone call in January 2012 from a business colleague, and friend asking me to attend a fitness boot camp with her in March. My reply to her was No, and why would I want to put myself through 7 days of torture…

Ten hours of exercise per day. There was silence at the other end of the phone, and then came the reply from her. “Molly, what a great excuse you are making, especially as you are the very person who goes into Organisations across the world and teaches people how to overcome excuses.”

I was initially speechless and realised she was right.  I was being encouraged to step forth like never before and jump out of my comfort zone, so I agreed to go. We headed off to Devon in the 17th of March to Prestige Boot Camp. On the long car journey down we began to discuss our terror barriers and I realised mine were huge. The excuses that I had made since I was eleven years old, about strenuous exercise. However on this new journey I promised myself to keep an open mind no matter how tough the fitness training was. Every day we started at 7am and finished at 6pm

10 Tips on How I Overcome my Terror Barriers to Exercise;

  1. Stay, be and live in the moment.
  2. Dream about how good it will feel once it’s all over.
  3. Get up at 5.05am, sit, imagine and see yourself succeeding, and the day over.
  4. Prepare your mind and then your body will follow.
  5. Use affirmations like – It is easy; It is not taking a long time.
  6. When you feel you can not move one more inch, see yourself taking one more step.
  7. Use music and have your favourite songs recorded.
  8. Laugh with colleagues.
  9. Be honest, be real, and let the tears flow when you are overcome with exhaustion.
  10. Never, never give up.

By the end of day seven I was seven and a half pounds lighter and had lost seven inches. How I felt was beyond words and it taught me a great lesson. That lesson was embrace your terror barrier and take action. Possibility lives on the other side of the terror barrier.

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