333 Thoughts To Leaving A Lasting Imprint (Download)


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Product Description

The wisdom and knowledge of Molly Harvey is reflected in this Extraordinary collection of inspirational thoughts and observations.

Whether you’re already on the path to leaving a lasting imprint or just beginning this beautiful CD will give you the impetus to get in touch with your true inner purpose and live the life you were born to live.

Benefits to 333 Thoughts to Leaving a Lasting Imprint

  • Learn how to be attached yet unattached to everything in your life.
  • Strategies for getting in touch with the imprint of your life purpose
  • Discover the plodders way and the way of deep knowing on how to live life to the fullest
  • How to find greater fulfilment in all that you do
  • Learn tips on how to deal with difficult people
  • Discover how to live courageously and authentically every day
  • Learn why the past does not make your future.