Small Steps – Big Results (Download)


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There has never been a better time for you to become an Xtraordinary Leader. Many of the challenges in our world today stem from a leadership that is ill prepared to deal with the current complexity of a fast changing world.

In this interactive workbook, leading edge companies are finally waking up to the prospect that social and environmental values enhance productivity and profits.

In this unique book you will learn:

  • To synchronise with others.
  • How to be an Xtraordinary leader in this 21st Century.
  • Six tips on how Xtraordinary Leaders stay focussed.
  • Four thought provoking questions that will help you make any decision.
  • Discuss the habits on how other Xtraordinary Leaders have succeeded.
  • Learn why and how you can turn change into opportunity.
  • Explore how to make your purpose in life profitable.