Random Acts of Kindness

trees in autumn

If you want to see more kindness in the world, give it out…

I was recently on my way home after speaking at a conference and drove through the village where I live. I went into the corner shop to pick up some bread and milk and there was a boy of about five or six years old in front of me in the queue. He had a bottle of pop in his hand and the lady who was serving frowned and told him in a loud shout to put the pop back as he was 5p short. I watched the child’s physiology crumble in embarrassment as he went to put the pop back on the shelf and behind me the queue was growing with very impatient people.
Then it was my turn to pay for the milk and bread; I asked the woman to take an extra 5p from my change and pay towards the little boy’s pop.

As I walked out of the shop I could see the little boy’s eyes fill with delight when the woman shouted to him to go back and bring the bottle of pop back to the counter.

Where in life can you pay forward for someone else and make their day?

Random acts of kindness can change a life…

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