Smash the Rules That No Longer Serve You

happiness is an inside job

What rules in your life hold you back? What rules no longer serve you?
To dream big and play big in life, we have to let go of what no longer serves us.

While speaking to a great friend and business associate Louise from Minneapolis recently, we were talking about the baggage of life. She had been to a seminar where she heard a great saying…
‘That as human beings, we often carry baggage and cargo.’

Baggage is all to do with our own experiences and limiting beliefs in life. However, cargo is very often the stuff people carry that is not even their own. Imagine for a moment, how much more clarity and focus would be in your life if you let go of any old rules that no longer serve you and stopped carrying any cargo that is not your own.

Smash the rules, life is too short to do guilt.

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