90 Minute Master Class

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90 Minute Master Classes

A highly cost effective way for organisations to engage staff and change their culture in one day.  Harvey Global can deliver up to three Master Classes in one day across teams, all for one cost effective daily rate.

Collective Engagement
How engaged are your staff on a day to day basis?

In this 90 minute session, staff will take away practical tips, exercises and engagement techniques that they can use on a daily basis within their teams.

Imprint of Trust
Are any of your teams struggling with issues of openness, trust and transparency?

In this 90 minute thought provoking, highly engaged Master Class, Harvey Global will help you and your team to break through to new levels of awareness and openness through tried and tested methods of working with organisations across the world.       

Making Changes Not Excuses
Learn how to say no more, so you can say yes to what matters.  If you really want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

3 Hour In-House Master Classes

Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership
Leadership is all about presence, impact and results and how you show up every minute of the day.  You will learn the six-steps to outstanding leadership.

Seconds Away from One Leader at a Time
Engagement is the key to developing leaders.  Discover the 6-step-process on how to create more leaders not followers.

Seconds Away from Excellence
Excellence is not an overnight pursuit, it is a process of small steps that starts with you.  Discover the three steps to excellence.

Seconds Away from Focus
Focus is all about cutting out the side noise and managing the task.

Seconds Away from Re-Thinking Business
Are you ready to re-pattern the way you look at and run business.  Molly Harvey will share with you strategies on how you can take the lead in 2014.

Seconds Away from Changing the Culture
Culture change is a mindset.  Discover the ten steps to leading a culture change that will take the hearts, minds and profits of your organisation to a whole new level.

Seconds Away from Understanding People
The difference between people is not minor, it’s dramatic and when we learn to understand people from their world, we take team work to a new level.  Through the people audit you will understand how you behave when things are going well and how you behave when faced with conflict.

Seconds Away from Vision, Values and Action
To make positive changes in an organisation we need a sense of future, then we can move with focus in that direction.  This is a highly interactive, thought provoking master class or in-house programme.

Consultancy Approach

Harvey Global do not simply complete a project, submit a report and walk away.  We firmly believe that we have a duty of care for each and every client by providing value for money services that deliver measurable results.

When using Harvey Global you get a team whose focus is not only on helping you achieve your goals, but also providing you with the capability for future growth by mentoring your people and getting them to learn from what we do.  This approach eliminates your dependence and reduces the need for further consultancy.

Once the improvements you are looking for have been identified, we will agree with you what needs to be done and then separate this out into manageable stages.  Each stage will have a measurable outcome, so you can see your progress.

We pride ourselves in being up front and honest in everything we do.  Nothing is hidden.

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