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Pulse leadership is the core of an organisation and its people. This new and emerging Leadership system is the life’s work of Molly Harvey who is dedicated to being a bridge between the old systems of power and greed and the new emerging economy.

Pulse Leadership training facilitates development of skills and potentials that liberate personal and group inventiveness, increase ability to work cooperatively with others, and raise levels of self-esteem.  It brings a range of skills and disciplines to bear creating a more  harmonious. efficiently functioning company or team.

Pulse Leaders must continuously work to develop the skills within themselves, and apply those skills to the benefit of their organisations.  Pulse Leaders work on their own personal development so as to be skilled to provide consultation, leadership and guidance for changing paradigms, values, legislation, and structures within their spheres of influence.

Pulse Leaders lead with courage, vision, imagination and heart.  The Pulse Leader is needed now more than ever before to lead the shift to a new and higher level of leadership at work.  Bringing about a more positive future and embedding life affirming values and practices.

The time has come to build business and its leaders from the inside out.

Kinetic Culture

  • Molly Harvey - Kinetic CultureAre your employees disengaged?
  • Are your employees struggling to cope with constant change?
  • Does your company have a blame culture?

Harvey Global will transform your culture.

Disruptive technology, speed of change are affecting companies from the inside out.  By developing a Kinetic culture in your organisation you will transform the way people work and live.

Kinetic cultures are inner communities, teams within teams working, moving collectively together.

Molly Harvey global run one day and 90 minute master classes  on how you can implement a two step system that will transform your current culture.

“People and Organisations can only grow and prosper from your valuable insight”

“Molly has a rare gift for asking challenging, insightful, and creative questions which enable leaders to have a light bulb learning”

“Every session was like having new batteries!”

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