Take the Weather with You

seize the day

Have you ever gone to meet someone and as they walk to greet you, you just know that they are having a bad day?

I recently went to see a new client and as I waited in the reception area, they walked down the stairs to meet me. I could see from the energy of their body language that they were harassed, stressed and not having a good day.

I had brought the weather of sunshine with me as I had a lovely drive to the organisation and I had been listening to Og Mandino as I drove. I realised upon meeting the client, that each day we awake to a new day and we get a choice as to what weather we are going to project that day. As I walked with the client up to her office, I made a decision to stay in the sunshine.

Steps on How to Take the Weather with You

  • When you meet someone who is complaining, listen, hear and look for the positive.
  • Life is a cycle of moods, we can never be responsible for other people’s moods, yet we can be responsible for our own.
  • Never judge a man or woman by one meeting or interaction, remember we all have bad days.
  • Never react, only pause and respond.
  • Watch the magic happen when you bring sunshine to your customers and everyone you meet. That is what you will get back.

As Og Mandino once said

  • ‘If you feel depressed, remember to sing.’
  • ‘If you feel sad, remember to laugh,’
  • ‘If you feel fear, remember to plunge ahead.’
  • ‘If you feel insignificant, remember your goals.’

And most of all…  Remember you have the choice to master your emotions and bring the weather with you wherever you go.

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