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leadership, culture change, transformation

Molly Harvey has 16+ years’ experience helping CEOs, Managers and Network Marketing Business Owners to achieve lasting mindset and behaviour change, for themselves, their people and their teams.

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What you will get from investing in Molly as a Mindset coach…

  • Ideas and ways to overcome your blind spots
  • Fierce honest conversation around what others might be afraid to tell you
  • Hard results and greater productivity in your work
  • Deeper learnings about yourself….how you are perceived and how you can improve
  • Space to hear and find your own voice and share ideas and beliefs that could be holding you back
  • Total support and confidentiality as you work on improving specific challenges or skills

Molly will become your accountability partner who is there to encourage you to take the next steps in life and business.

nicola-gerrity“In order to take my business to the next level, I needed to figure out how to take myself to the next level. Coaching with Molly Harvey provided me with that insight, clarity of vision, discipline and consistency.”

– Nicola Gerety, Forever Living Products

adelle2a“Molly has a unique approach to coaching that makes you instantly trust her; you know she speaks the truth and she believes that you can conquer anything. I have had the pleasure of seeing Molly on stage for company events and have worked closely with her now for the past eighteen months. She is an amazing motivational speaker and holds everyone captive with her beautiful Irish lilt. She is quiet, unassuming and modest, yet she is one of the most powerful people I know. She is love, compassion and acceptance. Molly Harvey has transformed my life both personally and professionally. Invest in yourself and connect with her now, I can guarantee it will be the best investment you ever make.”

– Adelle Donnan, Ariix – The Opportunity Compan

lisa-kelligan-small“I was introduced to Molly two years ago at a work event and knew instantly I wanted to work with her. I found her truly inspiring, provoking deep meaningful thinking whilst being completely different to anyone I’ve heard before. Molly has the unique gift of genuine passion, with the ability to deliver straight from the soul. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Molly now for just over a year which has enabled me to take my business to the next level. Molly has given me the tools and techniques to help me grow my business moving forward with renewed excitement, determination and passion. Thank you Molly.”

– Lisa Kelligan – Eagle Manager

“People and Organisations can only grow and prosper from your valuable insight”

“Molly has a rare gift for asking challenging, insightful, and creative questions which enable leaders to have a light bulb learning”

“Every session was like having new batteries!”

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