The Rituals of Outstanding Leaders

life moves pretty fast if you dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it

All too often we look at outstanding leaders and assume they just got lucky or that they were born to lead.  What we don’t see is the discipline and some of the daily rituals that go into crafting the extraordinary impact they have and the results they create.

They fully understand that leadership begins with their own self-leadership.  They understand that daily rituals will keep them at their best and help them to stay in a positive state.

  • Build daily thinking time into your diary.
  • Plan, do, review every day.
  • On a Sunday evening, sit for ten minutes and plan out the following week ahead.
  • Remember you become who you have coffee with, watch who is around you.
  • Make it a ritual to do everything with excellence by making yourself a model of attention to detail.

Set the clock and get up sixty minutes earlier.

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