The Harvey Global Team

Colin Smith (002)Colin Smith

The Listener

Colin has a unique combination of skills.  His business skills complement his softer skills of empathy, guidance and listening.  As a man of deep integrity I trust his interest and support as both authentic at the same time as being highly motivational.  Wendy Addison – Creator and owner at SpeakOut-SpeakUp


JeniferJenifer Lord Photo Lord

Cultivating Customer Relationships

Jenifer’s career spanned 33 years leading teams of people within customer centric organisations. With a passion for understanding individuals and a background in psychology, Jenifer established herself as an accredited coach and international trainer who understands that the key to success in both life and business is through people. She combines her love of people with her engaging and lively approach and her facilitation skills to create outstanding learning environments which ensure the customer is at the heart of everything.


Louis PLouis Parsons Image (002)arsons


Louis has devoted his life and artwork to exploring the mystery and beauty of human potential. Vision-scaping gives a felt sense of what you and your organisation want to accomplish in the world.

He has worked with leadership teams at Mars, Bank of America, eBay, Hilton, and Microsoft.



Roy SheppardRoy Sheppard

World Class Moderator

Roy has worked with countless international meeting planners and fully understands the time, budget, language and cultural pressures you work under. And how you need to be seen to demonstrate tangible and measurable ROI (return on investment) to your internal or external clients.





Christiane Pedros

Personal Brand iStory

Christiane is a transformational media producer and developer of I-Story brand. She has 15 years experience in applying the narrative process to enact social change through media productions, working with international businesses, NGO’s, Charities and Social Initiatives.




Paul Naylon

Paul Naylon

The Strategy Guy with Northern Soul

With a background in Economics, Strategic Planning and Finance Paul moved into a 26 year career with a world wide engineering and manufacturing Company in the North West.

From 1999 to 2013 Paul was the Group Managing Director and expanded the group with manufacturing locations in the Manchester area, Melbourne Australia, Shanghai China, Houston U.S. and Buenos Aires Argentina. Global coverage was further supported through a network of sales offices and distributors.



Sylvia Morgan

Sylvia Morgan

PA / Business Feng Shui

Sylvia is our reliable assistant who makes sure that our schedules and to-do lists remain manageable. She is the most driven and professional PA and perfectly suited to the role.

She stimulates the working environment of our clients to success with Feng Shui principles.


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