Tips To Managing Change In Organisations

  1. All appears to change when we change.”  –  Henri Amiel
  2. Ask yourself, what does team change look like?
  3. Establish a sense of urgency.
  4. Create a powerful vision.
  5. Communicate the vision every day.
  6. Empower everyone and you to act on it.
  7. Be accountable (accountability achieved by being willing to have every choice scrutinized).
  8. Leadership through expectation (avoiding micro-managing, set high expectations and creating a culture of trust).
  9. Managing change in the 21st century is all about connection.
  10. Educate all leaders to be socially and self aware in three main areas:
  •  Empathy awareness – sensing perceptions and feelings.
  •  Organisation awareness– reading the groups emotional currents.
    ●  Service awareness– anticipating and recognising customer needs.
  1. Learn to persevere.  Very often change management processes can look like they are failing in the middle.  Keep going.
  2. Have momentum reviews.  Stop and celebrate along the way what you all have achieved.
  3. Silence the critics – move obstacles, keep moving forward.
  4. Show up and show you are capable of dealing with change.
  5. Every day in some small way, continue to build trust.
  6. Remember the how is as important as the what.
  7. Every day build on the old and step into the new.
  8. Be a great change role model.
  9. Be present and develop deep listening skills to whatever is happening on a day to day basis.

Remember to clarify progress every step of the way and celebrate each small step.

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