How True Are Your Mission Statements?


Are mission statements yesterday’s story?

Is your mission statement written in the present tense?  Does everyone throughout the company truly know what it means and what it is?

Over the last twenty years of being a consultant and trainer in many organisations, I have always been intrigued when I go to deliver a new programme within a company.  As I pass reception there is a mission statement on the wall… Big and Bold, yet many times when I get to work with the employees, they haven’t a clue of the mission statement and many on the reception wall are not even current.

A mission statement is a promise of what you will deliver as well as what you aspire to as a company.

One other thought-provoking thought is just because you have a mission statement does not mean your customers know what it is.

As a leader, look for opportunities every day to share the mission statement.  Let everyone know who you are and what you truly stand for as a company.

What do you aspire to as a company?  Continue to re-visit and re-define the mission statement regularly.

One last thought, will your current mission statement be just as relevant in 2025 and beyond?

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