What’s All This Busyness About

this snow bought focus

As the last months of 2010 pass by, this is the time of year when I take time to reflect, press the pause button and stop.

Business wise and family wise it has been a successful year.  Why? Because I stopped being busy all the time on what didn’t matter and became busy with what’s most important in life.  For me it has been family health and developing a world class business.  The only person you impress with your busyness is yourself.  In fact, in life we can become addicted to being busy achieving nothing, yet all the time the clock ticks by.

Imagine being told you had seven days to live and you suddenly realised what you had been doing wasn’t all that important.  No one wants to get to their last days and realise they wasted their life.

Molly’s Top Tips

• Stop the clock.
• Question all your busyness.
• Let go of distractions in your life.
• Say no to others, so you can say yes to what matters.
• Start to build your legacy.

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