Where Molly Comes From

Molly Harvey was the eldest of three children, born in Southern Ireland and was brought up on a 2,500 acre estate owned by Lord de La Poer (Beresford), Marquis of Waterford.Her father worked with the Lord’s polo ponies and if alive today would be known as a ‘horse whisperer’.Molly was born intuitive and an only child until 7 years old. Her childhood years were spent roaming the great country estate and sitting round the table in the evening time as her elders told stories of time gone by.

Molly by sane seven

Molly Harvey
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International Leadership Speaker

The Turning Point

The first great turning point in her life came at fourteen years old when her father died of cancer. Times were tough, one day her mother tore up her school books, as she needed her to leave school and get a job. Her mother did the best she could at the time and this was another great turning point in Molly’s life. It gave her a passion for reading and learning and since then she has studied and attended various courses all over the world on Human Behavior and Development.

The Visionary

Molly was the visionary and founder of the International Soul Foundation, which first opened in Minnesota, USA in September 2006 and finally the vision was completed in June 2008 when an International Soul School weekend was run at Hope University, England. She now realises that her early years of growing up on the beautiful estate were preparation for the work she is involved with today around the world.

“Pause and listen to the still voice within, it has secrets to tell you.”
Molly Harvey