Why Multi Tasking Can Be Toxic To Leadership


Do you ever speak on the phone to clients when driving the car?
Do you have your iPad on your knee as you watch television at home with the family?
Do you write and look at emails during conference calls?
Do you text your daughter or son when they are only in the bedroom upstairs and you are downstairs in the office?
We all think that we are good at multi-tasking but we are not…

Multi-tasking can be toxic for business and life.  Too often today we make knee jerk reactions and decisions because we are over functioning and later when we pause, we often regret whatever we over promised at the time.


  1. Instead of a ‘To Do’ list… create a ‘Why’ list.
  2. Start at number one and continue in sequence until the list is finished.
  3. Throughout the day, keep pulling your mind back into the present moment.
  4. How you start your day is how you will live and be in your day.
  5. Learn to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.
  6. Stop between tasks and pause.  Learn to distinguish between reaction and response (well thought out).
  7. Remember you will never get this day back again.
  8. Shift from being a human doing to a human being.
  9. When you have a clear mind you will be also able to observe old patterns of behaviour and the hooks that try to pull you back. Watch, pause and let go.

Lead in the moment, be in the moment.

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