Why Not?

happiness is an inside job

Why not be world-class?
Why not be the best that only you can be?
Why not work smarter instead of harder?
Why not ask yourself deep thought provoking questions that will take you to the next level every day of your life?
Why not live in the stretch zone every day?
Why not learn a new skill?
Why not think bigger than ever before?
Why not set a great intention today and really go for it?
Why not begin with the end in mind? Feel it, see it and hear it as if it has already happened.
Why not do that difficult thing you have been putting off until today?
Why not pick up the phone and call someone you have never spoken to before?
Why not take action on something in your life that until now you have been putting on hold?
Why not step into fear and move past it?
Why not write a list of what you will no longer tolerate in your life?
Why not be brave and ask?
Why not change your environment today?

When we ask and challenge ourselves with the question why not, we open the inner doors in our minds to boundless possibility. We change how we think and feel and our life changes around us.

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