As The World Speeds Up We Are Having More Thin Conversations

sun on a winters day

Wherever we go these days, we see people hugging their phone.  Everyone is busy being busy, but not really there anymore.  I picked up the phone to some old clients this week and one or two were really surprised to get a phone call.  The norm now seems to be to connect by email, text, social media and any other forms of communication rather than face to face or over the telephone, and the same seems to be happening in people’s private lives.  Shallow, empty, thin conversations.

Communication is like oxygen in a relationship without it, the relationship dies.  What we forget is that when we get so busy being busy we very often forget to connect properly.  Stop for a moment and look back at the previous week.

  • How many rich deep conversations did you have?
  • How honest were you, I mean really honest in the conversations you had?

Make time in your private life to put the kettle on, sit around the table and have a rich deep conversation.  As I get older, I have made a choice to not spend too much time around people who really just want to lead shallow lives and feed off thin conversations.

Relationships and the art of conversation are at the heart of success and for that reason; deep meaningful conversations will always lead to more success.

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